About SOA

Our Mission

The mission of the Spouses of Aviano is to promote charitable and educational endeavors through grants and scholarships that benefit the Aviano Air Base Community and to promote morale, goodwill, and fellowship among our membership.


What is SOA?

The Spouses of Aviano is an organization designed around the concept of bringing the spouses of military service members and civilians assigned to this base together socially and in support of the community.


Who can join SOA?

The SOA membership is open to spouses of all Officers, Enlisted, Reservists, Warrant Officers, and Government Civilian Employees, Active or Retired.


What does SOA do?

SOA raises money to help support several organizations around the base, but we don’t stop there. We have monthly socials open to all members, and we have several active special activities that meet monthly, such as bunco, a children’s playgroup, an Italian restaurant tour group (called Pranziamo’s), and a wine-tasting club (called Vino’s). It is a great way to get out to meet and fellowship with other spouses at Aviano Air Base.


How can I get involved?

A great way to get plugged in is to come to one of our socials, which are announced every month on our website and our Facebook page. We also have many opportunities to volunteer through various philanthropic events, as well as positions on the SOA board every year. You can be as involved as you would like to be! We always encourage a philanthropic attitude, whether it is through SOA or other organizations on base. Not only does your service benefit the local community, but it’s also a great way to meet new friends!