Welcome to Italy!

…..and Welcome to the Spouses of Aviano Website!

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SOA is comprised of spouses who are committed to improving the quality of life at Aviano Air Base.  We make new friends, experience Italian culture, and have a great time in the process.

SOA is a philanthropic organization.  Proceeds from our fundraising are returned to the Aviano community in the form of scholarships, donations to base and community organizations, and awards to outstanding individuals.  We touch the lives of many people and groups by supporting and sponsoring community events as diverse as Trunk or Treat, Christmas Cottage, and Spouse It Up.  We also support many youth activities as well as school clubs and organizations.

SOA is a community. It’s not all work, for we know how to have a good time as well! We meet monthly for socials that include themes from Oktoberfest to garden parties.  There are many smaller group activities that cater to the special interests of our members.  Wherever your interest lies, there’s probably a group for you.

If meeting new friends, making the most of your time in Italy, and contributing to your community sound like something that would interest you, join SOA for our next event, and check us out!